- send_queue written, but not tested
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / job_queue.c
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- send_queue written, but not tested
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- includes cleaned up
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- job_t is now defined in its own files job.h and job.c
2005-11-04 Jan Hutter included stdlib.h
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- cancellation disabled by default
2005-11-04 Jan Hutter- iterator for linked list implemented
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- fixed mutex_unlock hander for getter
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- allow removal of waiting workers using mutex_unlock...
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- job queue implemented but not tested