- added todo's
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / encoding / payloads / sa_payload.h
2005-12-12 Jan Hutter- added todo's
2005-12-06 Martin Willi- code cleanup of encoding package
2005-12-01 Jan Hutter- implemented functionality to generate sa payload...
2005-12-01 Jan Hutterimplemented and tested functionality to create sa_paylo...
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- changed creation of iterator
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- removed memory allocation checks!!!
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved linked_list_iterator_t to iterator_t, located...
2005-11-24 Jan Hutterchanged enum and structs names to _t
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created encoding package