Added NEWS for af-alg plugin
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2010-12-20 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for af-alg plugin
2010-12-20 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about TFC padding
2010-12-18 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS with new ipsec listalgs feature
2010-12-17 Tobias BrunnerAdded news about changes regarding strongswan.conf.
2010-12-12 Andreas SteffenNEWS for the 4.5.1dr2 release
2010-12-01 Andreas Steffenadded SQL database extensions to NEWS
2010-10-28 Andreas Steffencompleted NEWS for the 4.5.0 release
2010-10-15 Tobias BrunnerAdded some NEWS about Maemo, MOBIKE and the kernel...
2010-10-15 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about multiple RADIUS servers, LED plugin
2010-10-15 Martin WilliFixed IKEv2 RFC number in NEWS
2010-10-14 Andreas SteffenIKEv2 is now the default key exchange protocol
2010-10-14 Andreas Steffenadded TNC support to NEWS
2010-09-29 Andreas Steffenadded NEWS for 4.5dr3
2010-09-07 Martin WilliFixed typos
2010-09-07 Martin WilliAdded PKCS#11 NEWS
2010-09-07 Martin WilliAdded (EAP-)TLS NEWS
2010-08-31 Tobias BrunnerCorrected some URLs.
2010-08-19 Martin WilliAdded ctr, ccm, gcm plugin NEWS
2010-07-28 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for snprintf() fixes
2010-07-28 Martin WilliMore NEWS for HA functionality
2010-07-26 Martin WilliAdded NEWS related to HA functionality
2010-07-23 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for the eap-simaka-sql plugin
2010-07-21 Andreas SteffenNEWS cosmetics
2010-07-21 Martin WilliMultiple RADIUS server NEWS
2010-07-17 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS
2010-07-13 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about --signcrl and PEM support in pki utility
2010-07-13 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for revocation/addrblock plugin
2010-07-12 Andreas Steffenadded second example scenario
2010-07-03 Andreas Steffenadded IKEv2 xfrm marks support to NEWS
2010-05-29 Andreas Steffenadded X.509 support by openssl plugin to NEWS
2010-05-19 Andreas Steffenadded ipsec pool attribute support to NEWS
2010-05-14 Andreas Steffenrefactoring of Mode Config functionality allows transpo...
2010-04-29 Andreas Steffenadded AES-GMAC support to NEWS
2010-04-19 Martin WilliAdded support for DH groups 22, 23 and 24, patch contri...
2010-04-11 Andreas Steffenadded support of RAM-based pools to NEWS
2010-04-07 Martin WilliNEWS about HA plugin
2010-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded support of PEM output by ipsec pki --gen|pub...
2010-03-25 Martin WilliRespect line with in's, other cosmetics
2010-03-25 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about the farp plugin
2010-03-25 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for dhcp plugin
2010-02-26 Martin WilliNEWS about the android plugin
2010-02-26 Martin WilliNEWS about the dynamic socket implementation
2010-01-27 Martin WilliUpdated NEWS about per-connection inactivity timeout
2010-01-12 Martin WilliSupport for closing CHILD/IKE_SA if a CHILD_SA is inactive.
2010-01-07 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about mutual EAP-only authentication
2010-01-07 Martin WilliAdded NEWS for the new Vendor ID requirement for privat...
2009-12-25 Andreas SteffenAdded RFC 3779 support to NEWS
2009-12-17 Martin WilliFixed BEET mode by installing SAs with negotiated addre...
2009-12-16 Andreas Steffenadded IKEv1 Camellia support to NEWS
2009-12-16 Andreas Steffenadded ipsec pool DNS and NBNS support to NEWS
2009-12-09 Andreas Steffenadded Juniper SRX support to NEWS
2009-11-26 Martin WilliUse transport mode ESP SA if IPcomp is used, IPcomp...
2009-11-26 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about SHA2 changes
2009-11-24 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS for 4.3.6dr2
2009-11-04 Andreas Steffenimplemented path length constraint checkinf for IKEv2
2009-10-16 Andreas Steffenadded IKEv1 mixed tunnel fix to NEWS
2009-10-15 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about streamlined plugin names
2009-10-14 Andreas SteffenNEWS for the 4.3.5dr3 release
2009-10-12 Andreas Steffenadded some pluto changes to NEWS
2009-10-09 Martin WilliAdded NEWS about EAP-AKA split
2009-09-23 Andreas Steffenadded fix of PKCS#7 wrapped certificates to NEWS
2009-09-22 Andreas Steffenreadying NEWS for the strongswan-4.3.5dr2 release
2009-09-18 Martin Willinm uses the distributions trusted root CAs if none...
2009-09-17 Andreas Steffensome reformulations
2009-09-15 Martin WilliAdded some NEWS
2009-08-17 Andreas SteffenNEWS for 4.3.4
2009-07-17 Andreas Steffenadded latest NEWS
2009-07-11 Andreas Steffenecp_x_coordinate_only option and IKEv1 AEAD support
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded info about two DoS fixes
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffenpluto supports ECP DH groups and ECDSA authentication
2009-06-16 Martin Williadded NEWS for 4.3.2
2009-05-22 Andreas Steffencompleted NEWS for 4.3.1
2009-05-21 Andreas Steffensome more NEWS
2009-05-18 Martin Willifixed typos
2009-05-18 Martin Williadded NEWS for 4.3.1
2009-04-27 Martin Williadded nm NEWS
2009-04-21 Andreas Steffenlast NEWS for 4.3.0
2009-04-21 Martin Williadded more NEWS for 4.3.0
2009-04-21 Andreas Steffenconfiguration of DNS and WINS servers via IKEv1 ModeConfig
2009-04-21 Andreas Steffenrefactoring of pluto and scepclient code
2009-04-17 Andreas Steffensupport of the ESP CAMELLIA-CBC cipher by charon
2009-03-30 Andreas Steffenfixed DPD null state bug 4.2.14
2009-03-27 Andreas Steffensome changes
2009-03-22 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.2.14
2009-03-20 Andreas Steffenfixed parsing of ASN.1 algorithmIdentifier objects 4.2.13
2009-03-19 Martin Williadded NEWS
2009-03-10 Andreas Steffenbug fixes in 4.2.13
2009-02-20 Andreas Steffenchanges in 4.2.12 4.2.12
2009-01-20 Andreas Steffenchanges in 4.2.11
2009-01-08 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 2.4.11
2008-12-22 Martin Williadded some NEWS for 4.2.10
2008-11-16 Andreas Steffenadded migration to NEWS
2008-11-13 Andreas Steffenadded MIPv6 functionality to NEWS
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnerannouncing the kernel plugins
2008-11-11 Martin Williadded some NEWS for 4.2.9
2008-10-13 Andreas Steffenadded bug fix for addr_in_subnet() to NEWS
2008-10-08 Martin Willisome mobike improvement NEWS
2008-10-08 Andreas Steffenraw public key support for charon
2008-09-18 Andreas Steffencompleted NEWS for 4.2.7 release 4.2.7
2008-09-05 Martin Williupdated NEWS