fixed acquire-delay bug by:
[strongswan.git] / NEWS
2008-07-15 Andreas Steffentypo
2008-07-15 Andreas SteffenThe XFRM_STATE_AF_UNSPEC flag added to xfrm.h allows...
2008-07-03 Andreas Steffenupdate NEWS with ip pool add-ons and fixes
2008-06-26 Andreas Steffencorrected some NEWS entries
2008-06-26 Andreas Steffenmention ESP sequence number updates
2008-06-25 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS for the imminent 4.2.4 release
2008-06-05 Andreas Steffenadded statistics functions and input validation checks...
2008-05-23 Andreas Steffensome bug fixes
2008-05-20 Andreas Steffenadded support of AES-CCM and AES-GCM
2008-05-15 Martin Willisome NEWS for 4.2.2
2008-04-19 Andreas Steffenedited NEWS 4.2.1
2008-04-18 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS: support of AES_XCBC_MAC and CAMELLIA
2008-04-18 Tobias Brunnernews (hash and url)
2008-04-18 Martin Willimore NEWS
2008-04-17 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS
2008-04-02 Martin Williadded some NEWS for the 4.2 release
2008-02-15 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.2.0
2008-02-14 Andreas Steffenrelease of 4.1.11 bug fix version 4.1.11
2008-02-04 Andreas SteffenEAP-SIM server and client test module added
2008-02-01 Andreas Steffentwo bug fixes
2007-12-24 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.2.0
2007-12-13 Martin Williupdated NEWS
2007-12-12 Andreas Steffenadded ocsp cache bug fix to NEWS
2007-12-03 Martin Williupdated NEWS
2007-11-21 Andreas Steffennew IPv6 scenarios were added
2007-11-20 Martin Williupdated NEWS
2007-11-08 Andreas Steffenannounce IPv6 iptables support in _updown script
2007-10-17 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS 4.1.8
2007-10-03 Andreas Steffenreformulation
2007-10-02 Martin Williupdated NEWS for 4.1.7
2007-09-25 Andreas Steffenfixed bug occuring with multiple queued Quick Modes...
2007-09-02 Andreas Steffenadded new features
2007-08-29 Andreas Steffenincluded the FIPS integrity test in LICENSE, CREDITS...
2007-08-10 Andreas Steffenipsec stroke rereadsecrets|rereadaacerts|rereadacerts...
2007-08-08 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.1.6
2007-08-07 Martin Williupdated NEWS for 4.1.5
2007-08-06 Andreas Steffentolerate DNS lookup failures
2007-07-03 Andreas Steffenstarter bug fix and pkcs11initargs patch by Robert...
2007-07-02 Andreas Steffencosmetics
2007-07-02 Martin Williupdated documentation files
2007-06-27 Andreas Steffenright=%<fqdn> wildcard added
2007-06-20 Andreas SteffenIKEv1 rightallowany flag introduced
2007-06-08 Andreas Steffenno need for left|rightnexthop parameter any more
2007-06-06 Andreas Steffen_updown inserts routes only if a sourceip is defined
2007-05-25 Andreas Steffenlibfreeswan kernel header problem fixed
2007-05-25 Martin Williupdated NEWS for 4.1.3
2007-05-18 Andreas Steffensupport of CA-based ipsec policies
2007-05-15 Andreas Steffenmultiple peer certificate support
2007-04-27 Andreas SteffencrlNumber is now listed by ipsec listcrls
2007-04-27 Andreas Steffenremoved dependencies from /usr/include/linux headers
2007-04-27 Andreas Steffencosmetics
2007-04-26 Martin Williupdated news
2007-04-26 Martin Williupdated NEWS
2007-04-25 Andreas Steffenxauth_modules.verify_secret() function now passes the...
2007-04-06 Andreas Steffenldap-based crl fetching supported
2007-04-05 Andreas Steffencachecrls=yes supported by IKEv2
2007-04-03 Andreas Steffensupport of dynamical http-based CRL fetching
2007-04-03 Andreas SteffenIKEv1 changes
2007-03-30 Martin Williupdated NEWS, TODO
2007-03-20 Andreas SteffenOCSP support
2007-03-20 Martin Williupdated NEWS, TODO and man page
2007-03-15 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.1.0
2007-02-25 Andreas Steffensupport of ca info sections
2007-02-21 Andreas SteffenSHA-2 fixes and add-ons
2007-01-29 Andreas SteffenCisco XAUTH interoperability
2007-01-25 Andreas SteffenXAUTH fixes and Cisco Unity support
2007-01-08 Martin Williupdated NEWS for 4.0.6
2007-01-04 Andreas Steffenadded XAUTH support
2007-01-03 Martin Williadded config option for BEET mode
2006-12-19 Martin Williadded a roadmap of the strongSwan project (TODO)
2006-11-02 Martin Willifixed NEWS (runtime debug level options)
2006-11-01 Andreas Steffenadded new features
2006-09-25 Andreas SteffenDES for private key encryption is not supported
2006-09-25 Martin Williupdated NEWS and ChangeLog for 4.0.4 release
2006-08-23 Andreas Steffen'sha' and 'sha1' are now treated as synonyms
2006-08-23 Martin Williupdated Changelog and other docs
2006-07-14 Andreas SteffenX.509 certificate trust path verification 4.0.2
2006-07-14 Andreas Steffencorrected DPD entry
2006-07-05 Martin Williupdated NEWS
2006-06-27 Andreas Steffenfixed bad_proposal_syntax bug
2006-06-21 Martin Williupdated news for 4.0.1 release
2006-06-15 Martin Williupdated for release
2006-06-13 Martin Willi(no commit message)
2006-05-16 Martin Willi- introduced autotools