testing: Ensure no guest is running when modifying images
[strongswan.git] / testing / tests / tnc / tnccs-20-tls / evaltest.dat
1 carol::cat /var/log/daemon.log::PB-TNC access recommendation is 'Access Allowed'::YES
2 carol::cat /var/log/daemon.log::EAP method EAP_TTLS succeeded, MSK established::YES
3 carol::cat /var/log/daemon.log::authentication of 'moon.strongswan.org' with EAP successful::YES
4 carol::cat /var/log/daemon.log::CHILD_SA home{1} established.*TS ===
5 dave:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::PB-TNC access recommendation is 'Quarantined'::YES
6 dave:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::EAP method EAP_TTLS succeeded, MSK established::YES
7 dave:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::authentication of 'moon.strongswan.org' with EAP successful::YES
8 dave:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::CHILD_SA home{1} established.*TS ===
9 moon:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::added group membership 'allow'::YES
10 moon:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::authentication of 'C=CH, O=Linux strongSwan, OU=Research, CN=carol@strongswan.org' with EAP successful::YES
11 moon:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::added group membership 'isolate'::YES
12 moon:: cat /var/log/daemon.log::authentication of 'C=CH, O=Linux strongSwan, OU=Accounting, CN=dave@strongswan.org' with EAP successful::YES
13 moon:: ipsec statusall 2> /dev/null::rw-allow.* ===
14 moon:: ipsec statusall 2> /dev/null::rw-isolate.* ===
15 carol::ping -c 1 PH_IP_ALICE::64 bytes from PH_IP_ALICE: icmp_req=1::YES
16 carol::ping -c 1 PH_IP_VENUS::64 bytes from PH_IP_ALICE: icmp_req=1::NO
17 dave:: ping -c 1 PH_IP_VENUS::64 bytes from PH_IP_VENUS: icmp_req=1::YES
18 dave:: ping -c 1 PH_IP_ALICE::64 bytes from PH_IP_VENUS: icmp_req=1::NO