descriptionstrongSwan - IPsec VPN
ownerstrongSwan Team
last changeFri, 14 Dec 2018 08:11:14 +0000 (09:11 +0100)
2 days ago Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Make credential directories relative to swanct... master
4 days ago Tobias Brunneropenssl: Make sure to release the functional ENGINE...
6 days ago Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.2dr4 5.7.2dr4
6 days ago Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Updated openssl version in IMV database
6 days ago Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated ikev2 scenarios to swanctl
9 days ago Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev1-adopt-child-tasks'
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerike: Implement adopt_child_tasks() outside task managers
9 days ago Tobias Brunneradopt-children-job: Adopt child-creating tasks from...
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Expose task_manager_t::remove_task()
9 days ago Tobias Brunnertask-manager: Add method to remove a task from a queue
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerike-sa-manager: Migrate child creating tasks during...
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Expose task_manager_t::adopt_child_tasks()
9 days ago Tobias Brunnercharon-cmd: Register atexit() handler for libcharon_dei...
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerikev2: Don't recreate IKE_SA if deletion fails after...
9 days ago Tobias Brunnerikev2: Ignore COOKIE notifies we already received
9 days ago Thomas Egererha: Add auth method for HA IKEv1 key derivation
6 days ago 5.7.2dr4 release 5.7.2dr4
4 weeks ago 5.7.2dr3 release 5.7.2dr3
6 weeks ago 5.7.2dr2 release 5.7.2dr2
7 weeks ago 5.7.2dr1 release 5.7.2dr1
2 months ago 5.7.1 release 5.7.1
2 months ago 5.7.0 release 5.7.0
2 months ago 5.7.0rc2 release 5.7.0rc2
2 months ago 5.7.0rc1 release 5.7.0rc1
4 months ago 5.7.0dr8 release 5.7.0dr8
4 months ago 5.7.0dr6 release 5.7.0dr6
4 months ago 5.7.0dr5 release 5.7.0dr5
5 months ago 5.7.0dr4 release 5.7.0dr4
6 months ago 5.7.0dr3 release 5.7.0dr3
6 months ago 5.7.0dr2 release 5.7.0dr2
6 months ago 5.7.0dr1 release 5.7.0dr1
6 months ago 5.6.3 release 5.6.3
43 hours ago ikev2-qske-notify
2 days ago 2853-radius-session-id
2 days ago master
5 days ago 2856-radius-unclaimed
6 weeks ago oval-updater
2 months ago pss-max-salt
2 months ago demo-plugin
5 months ago ikev2-qske
5 months ago kernel-netlink-prio-table
6 months ago tpm-seal
8 months ago use-dynamic-address-from-proposal
8 months ago tpm-loadpkcs12
8 months ago ipv6-addrlabel
9 months ago 2560-certreq-dups
14 months ago 2077-mem-pool-lru
16 months ago kernel-netlink-dynamic-buffer