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2015-12-04 Colin CrossMerge "Opt-out of STL" master
2015-12-04 Colin CrossOpt-out of STL
2015-06-15 Kenny RootMerge "Add BIO_up_ref and EVP_PKEY_up_ref"
2015-06-15 Kenny RootAdd BIO_up_ref and EVP_PKEY_up_ref
2015-01-30 Kenny Rootam f35165a9: Merge "Work-around for bionic sigsetjmp...
2015-01-30 Kenny RootMerge "Work-around for bionic sigsetjmp bug"
2015-01-30 Kenny RootWork-around for bionic sigsetjmp bug
2015-01-16 Kenny Rootam decb19d2: Merge "[MIPS] Add mips64 and mips r6 targets."
2015-01-16 Kenny Rootam 1b07db7a: Merge "Upgrade to 1.0.1l"
2015-01-16 Kenny RootMerge "[MIPS] Add mips64 and mips r6 targets."
2015-01-16 Kenny RootMerge "Upgrade to 1.0.1l"
2015-01-15 Kenny RootUpgrade to 1.0.1l
2015-01-15 Kenny Rootam c60ab392: Merge "Upgrade to 1.0.1k"
2015-01-15 Duane Sand[MIPS] Add mips64 and mips r6 targets.
2015-01-15 Kenny RootMerge "Upgrade to 1.0.1k"
2015-01-09 Kenny RootUpgrade to 1.0.1k
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