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last changeMon, 25 Jan 2016 21:02:43 +0000 (21:02 +0000)
2016-01-25 Dan AlbertMerge "Revert "Use libmingwex for gmtime_s"" master
2016-01-15 Dan AlbertRevert "Use libmingwex for gmtime_s"
2016-01-14 Adam Langleyexternal/boringssl: sync to 7b8b9c17
2015-12-11 Alex KlyubinDo not sanitize host static libraries.
2015-12-04 Kenny RootRevert "Revert "Opt-out of STL""
2015-12-04 Kenny RootRevert "Opt-out of STL"
2015-12-03 Colin CrossOpt-out of STL
2015-11-12 Adam Langleyexternal/boringssl: update from upstream
2015-11-06 Kenny RootRevert "Revert "external/boringssl: sync with upstream.""
2015-11-06 Arve Hjønnevågtrusty: Set OPENSSL_STATIC_ARMCAP* based on make variables
2015-11-06 Kenny RootMerge changes I49931c6e,Ia906bc8e,I6a663f00
2015-11-05 Kenny RootMerge "Revert "external/boringssl: sync with upstream.""
2015-11-05 Kenny RootRevert "external/boringssl: sync with upstream."
2015-11-05 Kenny RootMerge "external/boringssl: sync with upstream."
2015-10-30 Adam Langleyexternal/boringssl: sync with upstream.
2015-10-22 Kenny RootMerge "external/boringssl: remove BORINGSSL_201509...
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